PrimParts provides comprehensive service and repair all equipment that can be purchased with us, both under warranty and after this time. We also service the equipment that was not bought from us. We have professional diagnostic equipment necessary for the performance of professional quality repair services.

Delivery and repair time depends on the complexity of the fault and need to get the necessary spare parts we don’t get on place.

The cost of after-warranty repairs is determined individually.

The customers are informed as quick as possible of the expected costs of repairs and the time needed to make it. If there will be necessary increasing the cost of service or change time of repair the customer will be also informed.
Terms of warranty :

a ) The guarantee is granted for a period of 24 or 12 months from the date of purchase of goods depending on the options.

b) the defects disclosed during the warranty time will be repair no longer than 21 working days from the date when the equipment will be ship to the company .

c ) If there will be nessesary to import parts abroad, repair time is extended by the time necessary to get them to PrimParts.

d ) machine send to us for warranty repairs must be complete .

e) The warranty covers defects that shows during using item. The warranty not cover damage from external causes such as made during transportation, mechanical demage , pollution, flooding, atmospheric, not proper installation and operation, as well as intentional damage. Warranty terms does not allow the client unauthorized repairs .

f ) faults or defects of the parts declared in the warranty time will be repaired free of charge.

g ) In the event of unjustified claims for the repair under warranty, the cost of shipment to and from the company is on the customer side.

h) The Company has the right to refuse warranty service if : finding repairs on their own, hardware design changes.

i) Refusal to warranty repair is equivalent to the loss of the warranty.

j ) In matters not covered by these Terms of Guarantee, should be used Civil Code revelant to this case.

k) Any changes or corrections to the content of the warranty card can only be made by an authorized personel and must have signature and stamp of the guarantor.